Madrid the City

Madrid about you:

At present, the city of Madrid represents the perfect symbiosis and harmony between efficiency and quality of life. It is a city where you will find everything: cutting-edge facilities, devoted professionals and a modern infrastructure, allowing you to comply with the most demanding quality levels. Furthermore, you will find a booming culture, a thriving lifestyle, warm people and blue skies. Thanks to all this, we are sure the event will be a unique experience.


Art, Culture, Leisure,
Shopping, Gastronomy,
Sport, Business and much more!


Prado Museum
, the best Spanish painting collection from the XVI-XVIII centuries, Velázquez, El Greco, Goya, and the Flemish, Italian, German, French and British schools.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, 800 western art masterpieces, early Italians, German, Renaissance and Dutch paintings from the XVII century, North American paintings from the XIX century and vanguard collections from the XX century.

Reina Sofia Art Center, cubism, surrealism, vanguard collections from the 40's and 50's, pop-art..., Picasso, Dalí and Miró masterpieces.

Sorolla Museum: It is housed in what was Sorolla’s home and studio, and features numerous paintings by the artist.

The National Archaeological Museum. It is a public institution. Its mission is to offer the general public an accurate, attractive, interesting and critical interpretation of the objects that belonged to the different cultures which populated the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean region, ranging from Antiquity to more recent periods, in the firm belief that a knowledge of this history can shed light on society as we know it today.


Capital city with the 2nd most green areas in the world (16 m2/inhabitant), 250,000 ha of green area, 43 parks and gardens: Parque del Retiro, Real Jardín Botánico, Parque del Oeste, Casa de Campo, Jardines de Sabatini, Parque Juan Carlos I, Campo del Moro...

Single and multicuisine at the same time, wide offer of regional and international gastronomy, best traditional cooking Tapas, a typical delight for everyone

National and international brands (Salamanca quartier)
Traditional and artisan shops (City center)
Antiquities and galleries (Paseo del Prado)
The high quality of Madrid’s airport, train stations and its all embracing public transportation system places it among the best in the world, due to the ease and freedom of movement throughout the city resulting from excellent connections between the airport, the Metro, bus and regional train networks.

  • 58,995 hotel beds
  • 3,132,463 friendly people (of which 14.25% are foreigners)
  • 144 museums (92 in Madrid city centre and 52 outside Madrid)
  • 5,077 restaurants, 1,531 coffees, 2,073 pubs, 18,726 bars, 345 discos
  • During 2006 12,384 meetings attended by 1,185,521 delegates
  • 4 major convention and trade fair centres
  • 186 members of the Madrid Convention Bureau
  • 166 direct flight destinations
  • 293 metro stations covering 283.3 km of underground transport system
  • 15,023 taxis
  • 7,314,337 tourists per year
  • 24 golf courses
  • 6 public and 7 private universities
  • 6 world heritage sites within 1 hour drive (Toledo, Segovia, Ávila, Alcalá de Henarés, El Escorial and Aranjuez)
  • 5,380.86 ha of green space and 281,531 trees (1 for every 14 inhabitants)
  • 666 metres altitude
  • 2,769 hours of sunshine per year